Teaching OB Nursing school

It has been 5 weeks now, having the third semester students in OB.  12 started out, now 11 are left.  4 guys initially, now 3.  My one drop out, I was told for personal reasons.  Of course if you are in nursing school full time, and still work full time, and go home to a wife and child, a home with responsibilities, how can you study well and prepare a research paper?  He flunked both tests, and probably barely dented the work on the paper, from the indications of his work on the unit with me.  His daily assignments were barely adequate, and the independent assignments I gave him, he seldom finished.   Enough of him.

My other 11, are doing quite well, even though only 3 of them are experienced parents.  The 3 moms are whizzing along nicely, demonstrating to me excellent skills.  There is one little clique, maybe I’ll call the ” I think I’m cool ” group.  Their work gets done, eventually, but not as quick as the other students.  One of the guys surprised me last week, saying it was his first time giving an injection to a newborn.  All the others had already done 2 – 3 injections.  Some of the nurses treat the guys like they have the plague, “I can see you from here, don’t worry, just watch me” instead of like they do with the female students, show them once, and have them repeat it.

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weekend visit to the mountain

Here in sunny southern California, we visit the mountains for the weekend.  Usually when it rains in LA, the surrounding mountains become white, covered with snow.  Where we go, off the Kern River, an hour north of Bakersfield is beautiful.  4 weeks ago, right after a flood in LA, that broke all records, my son went to the mountains.  It was deep enough to need ski pants while just walking to the store.  He guessed about 18 inches.  They did tons of sledding.  It’s about 5,000 feet up.  Last weekend, I went with my other son and his friends, most of it was melted.  They brought sleds and found enough patches under the trees to keep them busy for a few hours.  The roads were mostly mud off the beaten track.

This weekend it’s predicted more rain,  and the snow level to drop to 2,000 feet.  So maybe we’ll head back to the mountains to play for another weekend.  Let me tell you, having grown up in Boston, it’s so great to be able visit snow for a few days and leave it behind.  The days of constant shoveling out the car, fighting over parking spaces, clearing ice off the windshield are behind me.  If I ever move to a northern climate again, it will be to someplace with an enclosed garage and indoor access to my living space.

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Sunny Southern California

Yeas it was today, a wonderful weather day.  We came from the mountains today near LA.  It was a 3 hour drive which my 19 year old extended to 6 with his frequent stops, to “get a better view”  There was enough snow in the shade for him and his friends to do some sledding.  We went up Friday morning, first he said 6 am, than 9, than 5 am.  He wanted to have plenty of time to frolic Friday before the sun went down.  When I texted him 10 pm Thursday, to remind him, we needed to pack the car for an early start, he texted back, he changed the time to 9 am to miss rush hour traffic.  I think he just didn’t want to leave the poker game at his friends house.

Anyway, we got there, unpacked, walked around to get our bearings, and cooked spaghetti and meatballs.  The kids played some board games, I started a jigsaw puzzle alternating with a book I’ve been trying to finish.  It was C-O-L-D when the sun went down.  The teenagers went to the jacuzzi anyway. Everyone knows teenagers lose braincells when they turn 18, and decide they are more knowledgeable than parents, and this proves it. In the morning, the towel my son left in the car was frozen solid, along with all the fluids in the car.  Luckily we weren’t planning on driving anywhere just yet.  A few hours in the sun, the car was fine.

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Hazards of antibacterial soap

Common knowledge is the necessity of washing your hands regularly, especially before eating, upon leaving the bathroom, any time they are obviously dirty.

Using antibacterial soap eliminates the ‘friendly’ bacteria on our skin, and can leave the disease causing ones. The U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services issued a statement In January 2006 stating “…there’s not a shred of evidence that antibacterial soaps are any more effective in preventing infections than conventional soaps.”

Dr. Alastair Wood of the Vanderbuilt University School of Medicine chaired a scientific advisory panel for the Food and Drug Administration. His statement on the subject: “…it might give bacteria a chance to mutate into creatures that can fight off bacteria-killing ingredients.”

The bottom line: regular soap and water with good friction is very effective, and use an alcohol hygiene rub at other times. You don’t want to eliminate the good bacteria, which prevents the growth of the disease-causing bacteria.

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living with a dog and cat

Dogs and cats aren’t so different from people.  Sometimes they get along, sometimes they don’t.  When both are really hungry, because the kids forgot to feed them, you get home from work, notice the empty bowls, groan and shrug and fill them, because it’s not worth it to starve the animals to teach the kids a lesson, why should the poor animals suffer.  Anyway, they’ll only follow you everywhere looking for you to feed them anyway.  Very annoying with the constant scratching at the bathroom door.  So as I was saying, the hungry animals ignore each other, and concentrate only on their food.

When they are done they watch each other.  If the cat walks too close to the dog, or vice versa, the other one will attack, not tolerating having their space invaded.  At times the cat gets playful, and swats every and any thing walking by.  They all get crazy together chasing the laser beam across the floor.  Come to think of it, they get along just like my kids did growing up, sometimes are better than others.

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Why AOL is the worst

Up on my screen popped a little window:  Computer running slow?? Try FREE service for PC cleanup, etc, etc.  I figured I had nothing to lose, after all it was free!!!!!!!!  I’m not the best on the computer, but I’m learning, as my blog here shows.  Hey I even started a blog, all by myself.   Anyway, it was a service by AOL.  I had to put in my credit card number, which they promised would not be charged if I told them I didn’t want to keep the service beyond the month’s free trial.  Well I followed all the directions, hit all the icons as I was directed as a new window popped up.  Well the program never ran, it never did anything to my computer.   All my attempts to contact anyone at AOL to see why it wouldn’t go, hit a wall.  Everything I tried, ended up with a response, you are not a paid subscriber no one here will communicate with you.  So I hit the “cancel service button”, when a screen asked “why”, my response was the program would not work for me.

A few weeks later, another message:  time to go from free service to paid service unless i canceled.  Of course I replied I wanted to cancel, again the same explanation.  Now I’m getting messages my credit card had rejected the AOL payment and they want me to fix it so they can charge my card.  2 more messages to them I don’t want to pay them, I want to cancel, and please send me an acknowledgment of cancellation.  And of course there is no response to me.

That’s why I think AOL is the worst, it is a nameless bunch of machines that only want your credit card for services they won’t give you.


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Sunny southern California

Very warm the past few days, up to the 70’s.  No need to turn on the heat at all at night, just snuggle under the blankets, and a dog at my feet, and I’m fine.

Began teaching nursing school again this semester.  It was such a thrill last semester when one of the students announced, she did it.  She took total care of her 2 moms and babies without the constant supervision of me the teacher, or the regular nurse, and she felt like a real nurse.  she felt like this was something she really could do, and do it well.

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