Teaching OB Nursing school

It has been 5 weeks now, having the third semester students in OB.  12 started out, now 11 are left.  4 guys initially, now 3.  My one drop out, I was told for personal reasons.  Of course if you are in nursing school full time, and still work full time, and go home to a wife and child, a home with responsibilities, how can you study well and prepare a research paper?  He flunked both tests, and probably barely dented the work on the paper, from the indications of his work on the unit with me.  His daily assignments were barely adequate, and the independent assignments I gave him, he seldom finished.   Enough of him.

My other 11, are doing quite well, even though only 3 of them are experienced parents.  The 3 moms are whizzing along nicely, demonstrating to me excellent skills.  There is one little clique, maybe I’ll call the ” I think I’m cool ” group.  Their work gets done, eventually, but not as quick as the other students.  One of the guys surprised me last week, saying it was his first time giving an injection to a newborn.  All the others had already done 2 – 3 injections.  Some of the nurses treat the guys like they have the plague, “I can see you from here, don’t worry, just watch me” instead of like they do with the female students, show them once, and have them repeat it.

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