weekend visit to the mountain

Here in sunny southern California, we visit the mountains for the weekend.  Usually when it rains in LA, the surrounding mountains become white, covered with snow.  Where we go, off the Kern River, an hour north of Bakersfield is beautiful.  4 weeks ago, right after a flood in LA, that broke all records, my son went to the mountains.  It was deep enough to need ski pants while just walking to the store.  He guessed about 18 inches.  They did tons of sledding.  It’s about 5,000 feet up.  Last weekend, I went with my other son and his friends, most of it was melted.  They brought sleds and found enough patches under the trees to keep them busy for a few hours.  The roads were mostly mud off the beaten track.

This weekend it’s predicted more rain,  and the snow level to drop to 2,000 feet.  So maybe we’ll head back to the mountains to play for another weekend.  Let me tell you, having grown up in Boston, it’s so great to be able visit snow for a few days and leave it behind.  The days of constant shoveling out the car, fighting over parking spaces, clearing ice off the windshield are behind me.  If I ever move to a northern climate again, it will be to someplace with an enclosed garage and indoor access to my living space.

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