Sunny Southern California

Yeas it was today, a wonderful weather day.  We came from the mountains today near LA.  It was a 3 hour drive which my 19 year old extended to 6 with his frequent stops, to “get a better view”  There was enough snow in the shade for him and his friends to do some sledding.  We went up Friday morning, first he said 6 am, than 9, than 5 am.  He wanted to have plenty of time to frolic Friday before the sun went down.  When I texted him 10 pm Thursday, to remind him, we needed to pack the car for an early start, he texted back, he changed the time to 9 am to miss rush hour traffic.  I think he just didn’t want to leave the poker game at his friends house.

Anyway, we got there, unpacked, walked around to get our bearings, and cooked spaghetti and meatballs.  The kids played some board games, I started a jigsaw puzzle alternating with a book I’ve been trying to finish.  It was C-O-L-D when the sun went down.  The teenagers went to the jacuzzi anyway. Everyone knows teenagers lose braincells when they turn 18, and decide they are more knowledgeable than parents, and this proves it. In the morning, the towel my son left in the car was frozen solid, along with all the fluids in the car.  Luckily we weren’t planning on driving anywhere just yet.  A few hours in the sun, the car was fine.

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