living with a dog and cat

Dogs and cats aren’t so different from people.  Sometimes they get along, sometimes they don’t.  When both are really hungry, because the kids forgot to feed them, you get home from work, notice the empty bowls, groan and shrug and fill them, because it’s not worth it to starve the animals to teach the kids a lesson, why should the poor animals suffer.  Anyway, they’ll only follow you everywhere looking for you to feed them anyway.  Very annoying with the constant scratching at the bathroom door.  So as I was saying, the hungry animals ignore each other, and concentrate only on their food.

When they are done they watch each other.  If the cat walks too close to the dog, or vice versa, the other one will attack, not tolerating having their space invaded.  At times the cat gets playful, and swats every and any thing walking by.  They all get crazy together chasing the laser beam across the floor.  Come to think of it, they get along just like my kids did growing up, sometimes are better than others.

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