Why AOL is the worst

Up on my screen popped a little window:  Computer running slow?? Try FREE service for PC cleanup, etc, etc.  I figured I had nothing to lose, after all it was free!!!!!!!!  I’m not the best on the computer, but I’m learning, as my blog here shows.  Hey I even started a blog, all by myself.   Anyway, it was a service by AOL.  I had to put in my credit card number, which they promised would not be charged if I told them I didn’t want to keep the service beyond the month’s free trial.  Well I followed all the directions, hit all the icons as I was directed as a new window popped up.  Well the program never ran, it never did anything to my computer.   All my attempts to contact anyone at AOL to see why it wouldn’t go, hit a wall.  Everything I tried, ended up with a response, you are not a paid subscriber no one here will communicate with you.  So I hit the “cancel service button”, when a screen asked “why”, my response was the program would not work for me.

A few weeks later, another message:  time to go from free service to paid service unless i canceled.  Of course I replied I wanted to cancel, again the same explanation.  Now I’m getting messages my credit card had rejected the AOL payment and they want me to fix it so they can charge my card.  2 more messages to them I don’t want to pay them, I want to cancel, and please send me an acknowledgment of cancellation.  And of course there is no response to me.

That’s why I think AOL is the worst, it is a nameless bunch of machines that only want your credit card for services they won’t give you.


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