Kicked out of a writing club

Wow, you join a writing club to be around other like minded people.  And when you see room for improvement and write about it, the person in charge isn’t capable of accepting constructive criticism and tells you you’re banned from any more meetings.   Well, what’s a person to do?  You would hope the writer in charge would be accepting of the fact that things aren’t always perfect, and be open to people picking up on that fact, instead of acting like a two year old, or is it 3 year old, that doesn’t get their way and strikes back unfairly. You read other people’s praise for a meeting that began 25 minutes late, the right hand didn’t seem to know what the left hand was doing, and gave out conflicting information.  But I guess in Hollywood, all that matters is stroking someone’s ego, no matter how little they seem to deserve it.

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