Candy canes as a home remedy

Last year I stocked up on boxes of candy canes in the post Christmas sales.  I thought it would be a novelty to have them to dissolve in my coffee and hot chocolate.  And actually they were quite good.  I brought some to work, explained it to my co-workers and left them in the coffee room.  Not many people followed through.

Then I got sick, almost nonstop dizziness and vomiting. A call to my doctor, who said wait a day, see if it passes and keep hydrated.  There was no fever nor abdominal pain, so try to wait it out.  There was a bug going around.  A trip to the kitchen to refill my water container, and the candy canes caught my eye.  It was an ah-ha moment.  Peppermint is known for soothing the stomach, mint tea is sold with that mentioned.  One candy cane in my quart of water dissolved quite quickly, and sips of it during my awake states kept me hydrated, gave me sugar and calmed my stomach.   My doctor was quite impressed, and 48 hours later I felt so much better.

Next week time to hit this years after Christmas sales and stock up again.

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