Formerly sunny southern California

Today, Thursday, sunny here, a novelty as of late in southern California. With the rains last week, my land line phone went out 2 days before Christmas. It’s still out. In My call to Verizon, my carrier, I was told I wasn’t the only one, and they would get to it as soon as they could. Well it’s been a week, I’m still waiting. Fortunately I have a cell phone so I’m not isolated. My neighbor still has working phone lines, but a few others in the neighborhood do not.
With the rain again yesterday, the electricity died. Not all at once mind you. I’m on the computer, typing in on a job application, when it all went blank, along with the radio and the lights. In a few minutes it all came back, okay I thought a freak occurrence. Then it happened 2 more times over the course of the evening. A call to my neighbor, on my cell phone to her land line, and a look out the window, confirmed it was a large area. One block over they had lights, but none in my immediate vicinity. My son came home and verified the blackouts were sporadic. Some blocks were lighted, others not. Lucky for me I had just put a flashlight with new batteries beside my bed, and set my cell phone alarm for the morning. Sure enough in the middle of the night, my electric alarm digital display went out. On a lark, just before Christmas, I felt nudged to buy a solar radio and cell phone recharger, the ad for it spoke to me. Lucky I listened. Even though the sun is out today, it’s time to set it up and be prepared.

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