Formerly sunny southern California compared to Boston

Rain, rain and more rain, who calls this place sunny southern California? Well it is better than my hometown of Boston right now. I remember the Blizzard of 78, 48 hours of snow. I was snowed in at work, Boston City Hospital, the OB unit. The first night I used an empty patient bed. The next night all the beds were full, none of the patients were able to leave, even though their doctors had discharged them. My bed that night was the couch in the lounge. They were bringing pregnant ladies in by snowplow but not discharging them. Some of the nurses skied to work, and then skied home when their shift was over. I lived too far away. The third morning, it had stopped snowing long enough to get the major arteries plowed enough for some transportation. 3 of my coworkers jumped in my car, luckily I was in the parking garage, and we slowly made it home. Every few miles we passed a roadblock of officials and had to show our credentials, yes we had a legitimate to be on the road. we were going home after too many days stuck at work.

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