Celebrity baby names

I remember working in the newborn nursery the week Elvis Presley died. 3 babies were named Elvis. I wonder what happened to them, and how they coped bearing such a name. My son Justin was named after my father. My father was baptized in Lithuania with the name Justin Joseph in the early 1900’s. Back there and then, birth certificates were not issued, but the church kept records. The original is yellowed with age. When the family immigrated through Ellis island, the officials changed his name to Joseph Justin. Why? Who knows, i wish i could ask. My mother was thrilled my son had the original name restored. My dad had already passed away a few years earlier. A few years later, the name is sooo popular, which wasn’t my intention to have my son’s name be one of many. One tennis pro interviewed said she was named for an earlier one her parents admired. Well the last time i heard about a real person named Elvis, he was skating in the Olympics. Never heard any interviews about him hoping to be a singer.

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