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An Open Letter to Joy Behar

Source: An Open Letter to Joy Behar

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The Effects of Nursing on Nurses

The Effects of Nursing on Nurses.

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New teaching semester

I love to teach nursing students.  I’m an OB RN since I fell in love with caring for pregnant ladies when I began nursing school in 1971.  Now I teach at 2 local community colleges during their OB rotations.   It is wonderful to see the students amazed at how the ladies accept their word and teaching on how to care for their newborn.

I begin with a new class tomorrow.  7 fresh new faces and brains to train.  For once no one speaks Spanish, a trait which is very useful here in Long Beach CA.  This class seems really excited, and I’m happy about that.  2 students speak Cambodian which will be helpful, since Long Beach is the largest city of Cambodians out side of Cambodia.  I have no men this semester, they were all assigned to the other teachers in the other hospitals.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Most of the male students say I have an easy way of transitioning them through OB.  2 students are Indian, they speak Hindi, one Vietnamese, 2 Caucasian, who only speak English.

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Attention new parents: help is on the way: here’s Doula

You’re home from the hospital 24 hours with your new bundle of joy.  Life is supposed to be perfect now; you have your dream of your ideal baby.  But the reality is an overflowing laundry basket, dirty dishes piling up, no food in the house to cook, and a baby that keeps the 2 of you in a perpetual state of exhaustion, with no time to do even the basics of both an uninterrupted shower, and brushing your teeth, you must decide which one is more important.

Who do you turn to when family is not available?  Try a post partum doula. Doula, what’s that you ask:  Loosely translated from Greek, a female caretaker, traditionally to help with the transition to being an organized family.

It’s 48 hours later, your doula has put in 2 shifts of 12 hours, the baby’s room is finally organized, baby laundry is done and all is put away, including the baby shower gifts.  You wake up from your nap, shower and brush your teeth, she hands you Junior to nurse, and assists with the latch in football hold.  When done she coaches you on swaddling him.  Great smells are coming from the crock pot, there is food in the refrigerator; the kitchen is tidy, no great stacks of dishes anymore. She reminds you about nutrition and breastfeeding, and checks your food preferences, as she hands you another glass of water.   She asks about planning the next few days, baby bath time, using your sling for a quick walk in the fresh air, reviewing age appropriate toys.

The doulas’ goal is to work herself out of a job, by helping and teaching you to coordinate your essential home activities, incorporating your newborn into your new daily routines.  The certified postpartum doula with her training also knows infant CPR. She won’t lay any guilt trips on you, but give you emotional support to being the parent you want to be.

Where do doulas come from?  How do they get their experience?  Most are experienced mothers, learning this is a way to put to use those talents they learned rearing their own brood.  Some are experienced nannies, expanding their capabilities to include the very newborn baby.  Some are nurses, tired of the stress of hospital work, where they can be assigned 4 families a shift to care for.  Others can be single, without family commitments, but have found by being from a large family they have an affinity for helping others in this way.   Each post partum doula has unique abilities; no 2 will be exactly alike.  Some insurance will now reimburse for them.  It will take work on your part to investigate your benefits. Ask the doula for the insurance code.

How do you find the doula?  Many have listing in parenting magazines; at times the bulletin board at the library or grocery store may have some .Some websites:,  DASC (Doula Association of Southern Calif), and other websites can be another resource. Costs vary depending on the doula’s background and experience, from $20 – $45 per hour.  You may need to interview several to find the one right for you. The most experienced doulas are booked early, so plan your interviews at least 2 months before your due date, but some also have last minute cancellations.  Most will ask for payment up front, and have you submit a receipt to your insurance for reimbursement.

Do a group of you want to give a unique baby shower gift?  How about service for a post partum doula for a week?

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Some Simple Steps for Cancer Prevention


I could talk about receptor sites of cells and their accepting Xenoestrogens provoking cancer onset, but what’s the point?  The how to’s get to the point a lot faster.  First and foremost a cancer precursor gene has been identified, and it’s important to prevent it from activation.

One identifier is intake of burnt food.  You may think well that’s not me, but how many don’t mind the over done toast, the barbeques with the hot dogs and burgers blackened on the grill, smores with blackened marshmallows.  All are best to be avoided.  Another avoidance is food or drink heated in the microwave in a Styrofoam, plastic or plastic lined container. Much research has been done about the leaching of chemicals from the plastic to the food, and health problems of those who do it regularly.  Time to get out your pyrex, glass and ceramic containers and put them to use.   Limit intake of red meat, to no more than 3 times a week, especially with a family history of colon cancer.  Yes, another reason to eat chicken, fish, or try the vegetarian lasagna.

Positive things you can do to prevent cancer is eating certain foods.  This is only a partial list of some of the most researched food.  Eat nuts, almost any type, I prefer walnuts, a small handful a few times a week in your cereal, oatmeal, yogurt etc.   Berries, again almost any type, throw a handful into your dishes.  Personally I keep a large bag of frozen blueberries, and defrost small amounts to add to my yogurts and cereals.  Onions and garlic intake have shown a 56% – 88% drop in some cancers.

With a family history of breast, cervical and or ovarian cancer, the easiest thing is to make sure the females breast feed their infants for one complete year.  Giving birth and not breastfeeding has a 38% correlation of increased cancer risk.  Some more food for thought, yes, the less free radicals in your body, the lower your cancer risk.  And anti-oxidents are a good thing to have. This is not by any means a complete list,  but just some guidelines to jog your thinking.  Next time in a restaurant: to choose the French Onion soup vs Chicken noodle, yes why not add onions to your burger, have food in a garlic sauce.  Beg your companion’s pardon, and carry breathe mints.



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Another day in Sunny Southern California

The weather report says the snow level is coming down to 1000 feet.  Wow, that’s low for here.  When my kids were 4 or 5, it hailed.  I have pictures of them, somewhere, playing in the  hail in the backyard,  As it hit the slide, it didn’t stick to that section, and slid down and formed a pile about 6 inches deep at the foot of the slide.  We made hailballs for awhile, and it took about 4 days for everything to all melt.

Right now, it’s partly cloudy and in the 50’s.  I keep telling my kids to put on a sweater, do not walk around the house barefoot or only with sox on, and stop turning up the heat.

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Teaching OB Nursing school

It has been 5 weeks now, having the third semester students in OB.  12 started out, now 11 are left.  4 guys initially, now 3.  My one drop out, I was told for personal reasons.  Of course if you are in nursing school full time, and still work full time, and go home to a wife and child, a home with responsibilities, how can you study well and prepare a research paper?  He flunked both tests, and probably barely dented the work on the paper, from the indications of his work on the unit with me.  His daily assignments were barely adequate, and the independent assignments I gave him, he seldom finished.   Enough of him.

My other 11, are doing quite well, even though only 3 of them are experienced parents.  The 3 moms are whizzing along nicely, demonstrating to me excellent skills.  There is one little clique, maybe I’ll call the ” I think I’m cool ” group.  Their work gets done, eventually, but not as quick as the other students.  One of the guys surprised me last week, saying it was his first time giving an injection to a newborn.  All the others had already done 2 – 3 injections.  Some of the nurses treat the guys like they have the plague, “I can see you from here, don’t worry, just watch me” instead of like they do with the female students, show them once, and have them repeat it.

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weekend visit to the mountain

Here in sunny southern California, we visit the mountains for the weekend.  Usually when it rains in LA, the surrounding mountains become white, covered with snow.  Where we go, off the Kern River, an hour north of Bakersfield is beautiful.  4 weeks ago, right after a flood in LA, that broke all records, my son went to the mountains.  It was deep enough to need ski pants while just walking to the store.  He guessed about 18 inches.  They did tons of sledding.  It’s about 5,000 feet up.  Last weekend, I went with my other son and his friends, most of it was melted.  They brought sleds and found enough patches under the trees to keep them busy for a few hours.  The roads were mostly mud off the beaten track.

This weekend it’s predicted more rain,  and the snow level to drop to 2,000 feet.  So maybe we’ll head back to the mountains to play for another weekend.  Let me tell you, having grown up in Boston, it’s so great to be able visit snow for a few days and leave it behind.  The days of constant shoveling out the car, fighting over parking spaces, clearing ice off the windshield are behind me.  If I ever move to a northern climate again, it will be to someplace with an enclosed garage and indoor access to my living space.

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Sunny Southern California

Yeas it was today, a wonderful weather day.  We came from the mountains today near LA.  It was a 3 hour drive which my 19 year old extended to 6 with his frequent stops, to “get a better view”  There was enough snow in the shade for him and his friends to do some sledding.  We went up Friday morning, first he said 6 am, than 9, than 5 am.  He wanted to have plenty of time to frolic Friday before the sun went down.  When I texted him 10 pm Thursday, to remind him, we needed to pack the car for an early start, he texted back, he changed the time to 9 am to miss rush hour traffic.  I think he just didn’t want to leave the poker game at his friends house.

Anyway, we got there, unpacked, walked around to get our bearings, and cooked spaghetti and meatballs.  The kids played some board games, I started a jigsaw puzzle alternating with a book I’ve been trying to finish.  It was C-O-L-D when the sun went down.  The teenagers went to the jacuzzi anyway. Everyone knows teenagers lose braincells when they turn 18, and decide they are more knowledgeable than parents, and this proves it. In the morning, the towel my son left in the car was frozen solid, along with all the fluids in the car.  Luckily we weren’t planning on driving anywhere just yet.  A few hours in the sun, the car was fine.

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